Ebby's Kitchen

About us

Experience exquisite Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine served on buffets, pop-ups, and food stalls across London. From office pop-ups to bespoke menus, we ensure exceptional service for every event.

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Humble beginings

Inspired by Ebby’s father’s recipe for “Baba Köfte”, Ebby decided to share the unique flavors of the Turkish kitchen for the hungry crowds of London streets.

To the Street Food Adventure

We bring our delicious food to pretty much every corner of London. We’ve fed hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions!) of hungry Londoners with our pop-ups, buffets and food stalls.

And growing 
ever before

Now with our first shop and food stall in Spitalfields Market we continue growing and serving more people. This is just the beginning! We’re excited to bring our delicious food to even more corners of London.