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Halloumi Cheese: From Ancient Origins to Modern Delights

Halloumi, the beloved cheese known for its ability to hold its shape on the grill and its signature squeak, boasts a rich history dating back to the island nation of Cyprus. Legend suggests its creation arose from the need to preserve milk during hot summers. Shepherds discovered that bringing sheep’s or goat’s milk and heating […]

A Taste Conquered the Whole World: A Brief History of Köfte

Köfte(sometimes called kofta, kufta or kefte) those delectable Turkish meatballs, are more than just a delicious dish – they’re a rich tapestry woven through centuries of culinary tradition. The word “köfte” itself originates from the Persian word “kufta,” meaning “to pound,” hinting at the ancient technique of preparing the meat. The earliest recipes for köfta […]